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Over the last 25 years, we have matched companies with the best talent. Let us help you!

About BMA Group

We are a human resources consulting firm that provides a variety of innovative business solutions to help organizations thrive in today’s ever-evolving global marketplace.

  • Human resources experts since 1997
  • Fortune 100 clients
  • Operations in the Caribbean, mainland U.S., with offices in Puerto Rico, North Carolina, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica and Panamá

Expertise You Can Count On

With more than two decades of experience operating in over 17 countries

Staffing & Recruiting

The best talent for executive, professional, and volume for any industry and any country.

Augmented Humanity

We create a functional connection between your current and desired state by integrating technology, processes, and talent. We build the bridge and help you cross it.


Services, Professionals, IT Services, and College HIre Programs.


We’ve been working on high-volume projects in the Life Sciences sector and
have high-quality, diverse, and ready-to-work talent in the following areas:

Quality Assurance

  • Senior Director of Quality Assurance
  • Director of Quality Assurance
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Quality Assurance Supervisor
  • Lead Quality Assurance Specialist


  • Senior Director of Manufacturing,
    Science & Technology
  • Senior Director of Engineering
  • Director of Manufacturing, Science
    & Technology
  • Director of Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Manufacturing Director

Quality Compliance

  • Director of Quality Control
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Quality Control Supervisor
  • Lead Quality Control Specialist

Commercial & Facilities

  • Procurement Specialist

  • Facilities Manager
  • Facilities Supervisor

Our Clients

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"BMA has been an excellent partner offering us the necessary support with resources. They have offered us continuous support that allows us to effectively take on business changes."

Lourdes Meléndez
HR Director-Puerto Rico

“At CooperVision, it is imperative that we recruit and retain the right people with the right skills and the right time. At one point, we were facing multiple challenges to accomplish this objective in a cost-effective way. BMA Group helped us establish an exceptionally efficient operation by streamlining recruitment, optimizing internal systems and processes.”


Lisette Zambrana
Senior HR Director
Americas Manufacturing Operations

“BMA has been an excellent partner offering us the necessary support with resources. They have offered us continuous support that allows us to effectively take on business changes.”


Camilo Espinosa HR Regional Lead

Integrating Technology, Processes, and Talent to Create Effective Business Solutions.

Do you need help filling open positions in the life sciences sector with skilled candidates? Look nowhere else! Our platform provides an effective option for business owners and HR specialists looking to simplify the hiring process. You can rapidly identify the appropriate fit for your team using our comprehensive database of pre-screened applicants and AI-powered matching system. Our straightforward UI and individualized help make getting started simple. Become a member of our community of contented customers and start the process of assembling a top-performing team. Avoid letting hiring issues prevent you from accomplishing your business objectives. Schedule a call with us today!



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